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We invite you to participate in the RADA FORUM 2019!

RADA FORUM will be held on 19-20 of October. It is a two-day conference on youth and youth policy.

Aim: to increase involvement and understanding of young people and key players in the youth sector of decision-making processes in the field of youth policy in order to improve the situation of young people and increase their participation.

The event will gather representatives of youth organizations, academic community and international institutions. The participants will have a possibility to discuss aspects of the work in youth organizations and their level of influence on the youth policy, the main challenges and trends that currently exist in the youth sector. RADA FORUM will be a platform for networking and establishing future partnerships among organizations and initiatives.

Target groups:

  • Youth organizations
  • Youth initiatives
  • Youth leaders and activists
  • Organizations working with youth
  • Experts and researchers
  • Government agencies/institutions
  • Local authorities
  • International organizations
  • Media
  • Business community
Contacts: if you have any questions - contact us by info@rada.fm, rada.fm